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Bikes for Safune and Fogapoa children

Friday, March 17, 2023

Children of EFKS churches in Fogapoa and Lefagaoalii in Safune Savaii are now able to commute within their villages, to church and run family errands at ease, thanks to BSP Samoa, an initiative driven by former Director of BSP, Geoff Robb.

Representatives from the BSP management and staff travelled to Savaii to make the special delivery on Saturday 11th March, 2023.

In presenting the items to the children BSP Samoa Head of Retail Shirley Greed said the initiative saw the first lot of 88 pre-loved bikes arrived in July 2022, which were given to children of Fuailoloo Mulifanua and Apolima Uta.

“This donation of an additional 90 bikes to Fogapoa and Lefagaoalii, in Safune Savaii is the second lot and is timely especially when the cost of gas continue to rise.  This will enable children to use the bikes to commute inside their villages, from home to church, or to perform family errands within their villages. We are fortunate to have Geoff collect and ship these bikes from Australia, which can be of use to our children. Our children can also utilize the bikes to exercise.

“This initiative has seen more than 500 bikes donated to BSP markets in Tonga, Samoa and Cook Islands. The pre-loved bikes were collected in Australia and serviced before shipping to Samoa along with helmets,” Greed added.

BSP Merchandise such as umbrellas and t-shirts were also presented for the elders who were present. BSP staff also taught the children bike safety precautions and road rules as part of awareness.

In accepting the donation, Reverend Afamasaga Alesana of the EFKS Church at Lefagaoalii, Safune thanked BSP for their exceptional gesture and for helping with their church's development projects. "We appreciate the donation by Geoff and BSP that would be beneficial to our kids,”he added.

Namulauulu Lema’i Suaesi, a high chief of Fogapoa, thanked Geoff and BSP for giving their kids the bikes. "This is a blessing for them because not all kids can afford a bike and some kids never had a bike at home."