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BSP donates to Samatau Pre-School

Monday, November 21, 2022

BSP remains committed to the communities it operates in and has demonstrated this through the donation of educational resources, valued at $20,000.00 to Samatau Pre-School for the development of its Early Childhood Education.

Students, parents, teachers and Matai’s of Samatau Community witnessed the handover ceremony.

Samatau Pre-School students were just elated to receive bright coloured matching Tables and Chairs, an indoor trampoline, coloured mats, and cupboards filled with numeracy and literature books, coloured crayons and educational toys to help with their learning.  Additional to the resources donated was a multi-printer machine and white-board with markers, to assist the teachers.

BSP Samoa Country Head Mrs. Jennifer Ula-Fruean highlighted the importance of the day and the purpose of the BSP Community Project.

“BSP Management believes that generosity and hospitality paves the way for our success which brings us to why we are here today. We are here to help nurture by providing the needed resources for early childhood education. We believe that early childhood education with accessible educational resources will help our children succeed in the academic field.

BSP hopes that the resources we have donated to our Pre-School will be of great use for not only our children of today but for future generations to come,” Mrs  Ula-Fruean said.

Samatau Pre-School was nominated alongside 13 other schools and awarded after the applications were assessed and put through our selection process.