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Bicycles bring joy to children of Faleapuna EFKS Church and Faleasiu uta Worship Center Sunday schools

Wednesday, June 5, 2024

On Saturday 1st June 2024, the Sunday schools of the EFKS Church in Faleapuna and the Worship Center in Faleasiu uta were excited to receive over 100 bicycles. "Children can use these bikes to commute within their villages, travel from home to church, or perform family errands." said Jennifer Fruean, Country Manager of BSP Samoa.

This generous donation is part of an ongoing initiative spearheaded by Geoff Robb, a former director of BSP Financial Group based in Australia. Geoff Robb's commitment to this cause began in September 2022, with the donation of over 80 children's bicycles to the communities of Fuailoloo Mulifanua and Apolima Uta. This was followed by another donation of 100 bicycles to the villages of Lefagaoalii and Fogapoa in Savaii. The success and positive reception of these initial shipments inspired this latest round of donations.

Representatives from BSP Samoa’s management and staff made the special delivery to the villages on behalf of Geoff Robb. Jennifer Fruean further highlighted the benefits of the bicycles during the handover, stating, "We are fortunate to have Geoff collect and ship these bikes for our children.” She also mentioned that the bikes could be used for exercise, contributing to the children's overall well-being. BSP covered the costs of shipment and logistics as part of their support for this initiative.

Palaita Lafoga of BSP explaining the safety rules for bikes to the Sunday school for Faleapuna EFKS church.

Reverend Peni Meaalofa of the EFKS Church in Faleapuna gratefully accepted the bicycles, acknowledging BSP's exceptional generosity and their support for the church's development projects. "We appreciate BSP's thoughtfulness and consideration in donating these bikes to us. They are very beneficial for our children," he said. Reverend Pastor Papalii Fraser Taulealo of the Faleasiu Worship Center Sunday School also expressed gratitude, thanking BSP for selecting their community as a recipient of this donation.