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BSP Samoa Concludes Three Months Cash Promotion

Monday, February 12, 2024

BSP Samoa and MoneyGram concludes the Three- Months Lucky Draw Promotion with an overwhelming support and contribution from customers.

The promotions, which aimed at engaging and rewarding customers attracts overwhelming participation and interest by many. Awarding 40 customers, each month from November 2023 to January 2024 with a $100 cash prize.

BSP Samoa Country Head, Jennifer Fruean impressed by the positive approach and participation from customers, congratulated all the winners and acknowledging the participants for making this a successful campaign.

“We believe in creating a sense of community and appreciation for our customers, and this promotion reflected that commitment," said Ms Fruean.

"The success of this initiative underscores our dedication to providing meaningful and rewarding experiences for our loyal customers," she added.

The selection process for the 40 monthly winners was conducted transparently with the Gambling Control Authority, ensuring fairness and integrity.

BSP Samoa continues to commit to delivering exceptional products and services and prioritising customer satisfaction.