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BSP Samoa Awards Scholarships to 72 Students

Wednesday, February 14, 2024

In extending a helping hand to families grappling with financial adversity in Samoa, Bank South Pacific Samoa Limited, has announced its annual scholarship support to 72 Primary and Secondary school students.

This year, the bank received over 200 scholarship nomination forms. The chosen students come from various backgrounds and communities across Samoa, all sharing the common thread of needing support to continue their education.

BSP Country Head, Jennifer Fruean in a statement said, “For these 72 students who received the scholarships this year, this gift means more than just financial relief. It's a vote of confidence, a recognition of their potential, and a stepping stone towards a brighter future for them.”

“Our hope is that these scholarships will not only relieve some of the immediate financial burden and allowing students to get a foot in the door, but will help them to build the skills and experience needed to keep the doors of opportunity opening throughout their lives.”

BSP Samoa GM Jennifer Fruean with Scholarship Recipients.

“BSP believes in valuing people and communities and such investments fulfills our commitment to bridging development and prosperity of our people and communities. We look forward to continuing this legacy, empowering more students and contributing to the educational wealth of Samoa,’” said Fruean.

The awardees and parents gathered on Monday 12 February, at the BSP main office to receive their scholarship package that includes; a cheque for their full year tuition, a scholarship certificate and BSP goodie bag.

The scholarship program is just one of the many ways BSP Samoa gives back to the community. Over the years, the bank has contributed significantly to various sectors, including health, sports, and culture. The annual scholarship initiative is a testament to BSP's dedication to helping Samoa thrive.