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Latest ATM in Samoa is about convenience

Wednesday, March 8, 2023

BSP continues to provide convenient banking options to customers by increasing its growing number of electronic banking channels in Samoa.

Its latest ATM, located at Frankie’s new supermarket at Laulii adds to the growing number of eletronic banking channels in Samoa. BSP now has 30  ATMs across the country allowing 24 hour access to customers.

Faauli Galu who resides  in Salelesi, which is not far from Laulii said this new ATM at Frankie Laulii has made it much easier for customers to access funds when needed, without having to travel into town to use an ATM or standing in a queue in the branches.

“Since this ATM is nearby, we don’t worry if we forget to withdraw cash from an ATM in town especially after work or on the weekends. We only withdraw cash when absolutely necessary”. Galu added.

BSP Samoa Country Head Jennifer Fruean said not only is the new ATM convenient for locals and visitors wishing to withdraw cash, they can check their balances without having to visit a branch.

“This latest addition to our ATM fleet in Laulii is also great news for all our customers living in the nearby villages such as Luatuanuu, Solosolo and others, who can now access funds in their bank accounts using their BSP Pacific Cards, BSP Visa Debit Cards or Visa Foreign cards at their convenience 24 hours a day”.

“Today, the bank has increased its EFTPOS network from 228 in 2016 to 359 as well as increase the number of BSP agents to 42. BSP Agent Banking provides a range of banking services, so BSP customers can withdraw or deposit cash, check their account balances and print mini statements of their accounts,” Fruean added.

BSP ATM locations:

  ATM Location Location (Upolu) Number of ATMs
1 BSP Main Office Beach Road 4
2 BSP Faleolo Agency Faleolo Airport 1
3 BSP Mulifanua Sub Branch Mulifanua Wharf 1
4 Business Systems Ltd Taufusi 1
5 Frankie Supermarket Lotopa 1
6 Frankie Supermarket Matautu 1
7 Frankie Supermarket Tanumalala 1
8 Frankie Supermarket Utualii 1
9 Frankie Supermarket Vaitele 2
10 Fugalei Market Fugalei 1
11 Island Rock Company Tufuiopa 1
12 Maota o Samoa Siusega 1
13 Princessa Supermarket Tanugamanono 1
14 R & J Mackenzie Lotopa 1
15 Frankie Supermarket Lelata 1
16 Tanoa Hotel Sogi 1
17 Taumeasina Island Resort Taumeasina 1
18 Farmer Joe Vaitele 1
19 Motootua Hospital Pharmacy Motootua 1
20 Sula's Supermarket & Bakery Moataa 1
21 Sheraton Hotel Mulifanua 1
22 Frankie Supermarket Laulii 1
  ATM Location Location (Savaii) Number of ATMs
1 BSP Salelologa Branch Salelologa 1
2 O N & Sons Supermarket Tuasivi 1
3 Le Lagoto Fagamalo 1
4 Kuki by the Harbour Salelologa 1