Personal Banking

Whether it’s a home loan or account to save, you’ll find the right products for managing your money.

Banking made easy by BSP

Loan Repayment Calculator

How much will repayments cost? Find out the numbers before you borrow.

Designed for regular income earners

The Pacific Package Account gives you convenient and easy access to your money using the BSP PacifiCard and our electronic banking channels.

Funds available "at call"

If you are serious about saving then the Plus Saver Account is the answer for you.

Breaking new banking ground with better ways to bank

The retail sector is one of the most dynamic and competitive, and as BSP is "the local bank" of the South Pacific Bank we are well placed to understand and help retailers enhance customer loyalty, increase margins and achieve sustainable profit growth.

More Ways to Bank

Banking with BSP is easy. We help you find more convenient ways to bank, giving you the flexibility to do your banking and minimizing the fees you pay at branch banking.

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Personal Loans

With a BSP Personal Loan it is a simple way to borrow money. You can solve your need for cash for any worthwhile purpose. You don't have to put it off just because you don't have the cash right now!

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Housing Loan

You can afford your dream home, or an investment property, with a loan from BSP. Whether you are buying your first home, renovating, buying an investment property, or simply want to refinance your existing home, see us first.

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Term Deposits

The Term Deposit is a secured investment account for people who want to invest their surplus funds.

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