BSP operates the largest ATM network in SI with 34 ATMs as at February 2021.

BSP ATMs provide a much convenient way to access your funds using your BSP PacifiCard and BSP Visa Debit Card.

ATM Features

For ease of banking, the following features are available on all BSP ATMs.

  1. Withdrawal:
    • BSP PacifiCard
      The daily cash withdrawal limit per day is SBD3, 000.00. This is a combined daily limited on BSP ATMs. SBD3, 000.00 can be withdrawn from an ATM at any one time. The minimum amount allowed for withdrawal is SBD50.00.
    • BSP Visa Debit Card
      The daily cash withdrawal limit per day is SBD3,000.00 (unless you have arrangements with BSP). The Minimum amount allowed for withdrawal is SBD50.00
    • Foreign Cards
      For non BSP Customers an operational fee of SBD$45 applies.
  2. Balance Enquiry:
    • You can view your account balance via a BSP ATM.
    • For non-BSP customers, no operational fee is charged
  3. English & Pidgin Screens
    • You have a choice of using user menu screens in either English or Pidgin English languages.
  4. We accept the following cards:
      • BSP PacifiCard
      • BSP Visa Debit Card
      • Cirrus Card
      • Visa Card
      • Pulse/Diners Card

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