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BSP supports Schools National 7s Championship

Friday, June 9, 2023

Bank South Pacific (BSP) will continue to support sports development especially among youths in Samoa, injecting an additional $18,000 sponsorship to the BSP Schools National 7s Championship.

This additional sponsorship was announced after the BSP Schools National 7s Championship Under 18 division concluded a thrilling display of athleticism and sportsmanship on Saturday, June 3, 2023, at the St Joseph's College.

BSP Samoa Country Manager, Jennifer Fruean, congratulated all the participants in the championship, emphasising that it demonstrates the bank's dedication to promoting sports growth and fostering the future generation of rugby talents.

“The BSP Schools National 7s Rugby Championship, is a prominent tournament for schools in Samoa that offers young talents a platform to demonstrate their skills, enhance their game, and pursue their passion for rugby.We are pleased to continue supporting youth rugby development with an additional $18,000 sponsorship for the championship, including $13,000 in cash and $5,000 worth of merchandise.

In April, BSP supported the BSP Schools National 15s Championship with a sponsorship package of $20,000, resulting in a cumulative sponsorship value of $38,000.

Fruean said BSP maintains its dedication to promoting sports development in Samoa and creating opportunities for aspiring athletes to showcase their abilities. She also extended gratitude to all the participating schools, coaches, supporters, and Lakapi Samoa for their efforts in organizing this outstanding event that has fostered unity among the schools."

“The tournament showcased the best young rugby talents from across Samoa, representing their respective schools with pride and determination. With the infusion of BSP's sponsorship, the championship reached new heights, fostering an environment of fierce competition and fellowship among the participating teams,” Fruean added.

In the girls' division, Palauli i Sisifo emerged victorious after a hard-fought battle against Itu o Tane in the final game. The clash of skills and unwavering determination from both teams captivated the spectators and showcased the immense potential of women's rugby in Samoa.

On the other hand, Nuuausala College triumphed in the boys' division, displaying exceptional teamwork and resilience to secure a memorable victory against Leulumoega fou College. The intense match-up between these two outstanding teams demonstrated the depth of talent in Samoan rugby and the bright future ahead for these young athletes.

During the initial part of the week, the winners of the Under 16 and Under 14 categories for both boys and girls received their prizes at the Lakapi Samoa Field Tuanaimato, following the conclusion of the tournament's first day. Aana 1 College came out on top, securing victory in the Under 16 Girls division while Palalaua College claimed the title in the boys' division.

In the Under 14 category, two colleges from Savaii achieved championship titles. Itu o Tane College triumphed in the Girls division, while Itu o Asau College  won the boys' division. This serves as evidence that rugby has not only reached our rural areas but has also expanded and flourished on the larger island of Savaii.

BSP, true to its commitment to supporting sports development in Samoa, presented the winning teams with cash prizes and merchandise as part of their sponsorship package.

Adding to the recognition and celebrations, the Top 3 teams of the Under 18 division were presented with gold, silver and bronze medals  prepared by the Samoa Games symbolizing their outstanding achievements in the BSP Schools National 7s Championship. This gesture further highlighted the significance of the event in fostering excellence and encouraging the pursuit of sporting dreams.